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D.R Fat Beams Bass Strings 45-105

D.R Fat Beams Bass Strings 45-105

DR Fat-Beams are Stainless Steel wound on Round Cores.  Previously endorsed and worked on with Marcus Miller, DR to develop a new and improved version of one of the best stainless steel round wound bass strings on the market.  The collaboration with Marcus Miller and DR Strings took over a year, and the result is a Fatter, Deeper, Smoother string that satisfied Marcus Miller's demanding standard.  DR Fat-Beams Fatter Tone, Deeper Sound, Smoother Feel, and response are the qualities that separate "Fat-Beams" from all other ordinary Electric Bass Strings.  DR Fat-Beams are also more consistent in feel along the length of the string, as well as string to string.

Gauges: 045-065 - 085-105

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